Video Links

Most of the newspaper Website ( videos are on Vimeo.  Most of the videos are short community-oriented vids shot with Flip and GoPro film cameras and edited in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. The majority of our videos concern breaking news, so they are designed for simplicity and speed in editing/uploading. I often use these examples for teaching new reporters, interns, and in the classroom. We have experienced problems with YouTube and feel that Vimeo has higher quality and fewer problems on our BLOX CMS system:

Video Links  (Night Court: A day-in-the-life of a small municipal court. First time court allowed cameras/video.)  (Severe storm hits the area, causing massive flooding throughout the city. Multimedia.)    (Short lightning storm video to complement breaking news article/photos.)  (New city lake fountain as seen from a canoe. GoPro/Flip video and stills)   (Truck carrying toxic chemicals crashes in town. Multimedia reporting) (A massive winter storm slams the area. Multimedia reporting) (Brush fire breaks out on a windy day. Reporting from rural scene) (Motorbiking Saigon travel video shot w/Flip and point/shoot.) (China By Rail travel video using simple Flip and point/shoot cameras) (On the scene of a fatal storm) (aerial view of Meramec River flooding) (Snow storm shot with mounted GoPro, Feb. 2013) (Video highlighting local airport fly-in, Aug. 2012)  (Army Black Hawk helicopters visit local airport) (aerial video supplement for in-depth biz feature) (Sullivan Journal, 11 videos) (Nancy Boyster) (Flying Helicopter Patrol)


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