Teaching Experience


University of Nevada, Reno, Reynolds School of Journalism

Div. I/ACEJMC Accredited

JOURN 203 – Writing Across Media (3 credit hours). Fall 2009.

  • Taught students how to produce and publish articles using multiple mediums, including print, online, and broadcast.
  • Students learned to analyze audiences and demographics, choosing the appropriate publishing tools (online, print, video, etc.).
  • Each student created a WordPress site for publishing assignments and Vimeo/YouTube accounts for posting video. Taught video editing skills using iMovie and Final Cut. Constant focus on AP style and grammar rules.
  • In a judged competition with other J203 sections, my class won first place for a campus crime feature that incorporated text, still photography and video.
  • Used Skype for distance teaching during snow/inclement weather.

University of Nevada, Reno, Reynolds School of Journalism

JOURN 204 – Introduction To Media Production (3 credit hours). Spring 2010.

  • Similar to J203, but more intense focus on tools and technology.
  • Studied the similarities and differences in video editing software (iMovie versus Final Cut), audio and Soundslides, and various Web content management systems (Joomla!, BLOX, WordPress, open source, etc.).
  • Best methods and practices for multimedia presentations and how to manage file sizing and upload/download speeds. Discussed mobile applications.

University of Nevada, Reno, Reynolds School of Journalism

JOURN 207 – Multimedia News Reporting II w/lab (4 credit hours). Fall 2010.

  • Designed to parallel contemporary journalism practices. Using both reporting and technical skills, students focused on producing and publishing in-depth stories for print, online and broadcast mediums.
  • Taught convergence practices by combining student teams across mediums.
  • Students worked an election night for the Reno daily newspaper, producing on deadline for print and online.
  • Intense focus on understanding importance of audience and demographics.

University of Nevada, Reno, Reynolds School of Journalism

UNR Journalism Week 2009 (annual event). Fall 2009.

  • Taught a variety of short day-courses to regional high school students interested in attending journalism school.
  • Selected by J-School Dean Jerry Ceppos to teach lead writing, research/sources, sports coverage, and column writing.
  • Gained valuable insight into how high school students view and receive news, as well as their expectations from a university journalism program.

East Central College, Sullivan, Mo. Seminar in Mass Communications (2012-13)

  • Lectured students on the impact of the digital age on newspapers.
  • Lecture was interactive with distance learning class at satellite school.
  • Provided case studies concerning field reporting, social media, blogging and ethics relative to community journalism (“real” journalists v. bloggers).
  • The cost of entry into the journalism business and how online changed everything. Why journalism is a great business for entrepreneurs.

Missouri Baptist University, Union, Mo. Seminar in Communications For Educators (2010-13)

  • Lectured graduate students (teachers seeking admin credentials) on topics concerning journalists and public school officials.
  • Analyzed case studies and the dos and don’ts of handling reporters.
  • Discussed ethical concerns, press releases, legal obligations and best practices for how school officials should handle local media.

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