Journalism In China

Journalism in China is interesting and dynamic. Chinese-language newspapers are very popular and often shared among citizens. It isn’t unusual to see young and old people reading newspapers in cafes, along the street, in homes, on trains – just about anywhere and everywhere. Online blogs are very popular, and often the source of irritation for the government. Facebook, YouTube, and many popular American-based websites are blocked – but a few minutes in an Internet cafe can change that problem. Ditto that for locked phones, etc. – the Chinese youth are very skilled at digital and phone technology. Government crackdowns on journalists are sporadic and seemingly arbitrary. This nature of information control and enforcement leads to more confusion than successful prohibition. Chinese citizens are accessing the World Wide Web, but few dare to speak beyond their glowing screens. Those that do, the ones that push into and beyond the gray area, often pay the price.
Dandong, China