Journalism In Vietnam

Vietnam, specifically Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), is a thriving hub for English-language websites and a few print publications. With a plethora of Western ex-pats living in an increasingly modern Saigon – Starbucks and McDonald’s are recent arrivals – it’s easy to forget that Vietnam is a Communist country. Saigon has a very youthful population, and with it comes smart phones, Wi-Fi, and a voracious appetite for everything digital. Unlike China, Vietnam allows access to most of the Web. But similar to its northern neighbor, Vietnam restricts commenting on websites and blogs. A recent move by Hanoi is the requirement to post online comments under real names, not fuzzykitty55 or other anonymous names. The government realizes the importance of Wi-Fi to the throngs of Western tourists and businesses – but the real beneficiary will be the citizens. I love Vietnam and appreciate the effort to wire the country. It’s a great country to visit, with openness of the Web and safety of travel just two of many reasons to make it a must-see destination. I always feel safe in Vietnam.
Journalism Vietnam


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